We Can Go Back

Book Cover: We Can Go Back
Editions:ePub - FREEKindle: $ 0.99
ISBN: B075C44WY9
Paperback: $ 11.58
Size: 5.25 x 8.00 in
Pages: 300

Magic doesn’t have to belong only to those born with it. Technology was meant to level the playing field. But the efforts fell short and countless unborn babies exposed to the serum were born with a strange mutation. They possessed magic but the appetite of animals.

They were cast underground but heightened rejuvenation kept them alive for one hundred years until the people to reject them suffered a great catastrophe of their own. Mutants crawled to the surface in droves but not all came with good intent. And this time they can’t simply be brushed aside.

Cover Artist: Kat Mellon (website)
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy